Shannon is a professional dog trainer located in San Diego, CA. She offers professional dog training services via group workshops and private lessons....


San Diego Dog TrainerAs pack animals, dogs need to have a good leader in their life, one they trust completely and want to follow. That leader needs to be able to teach them what is right and wrong without bullying them or scaring them into compliance. In essence, a good leader needs to find a way to communicate their human needs to their canine companion. Communication between canines and humans can be confusing and might lead one to believe that they need to dominate their dog, try to become the “alpha” dog, or bribe their dog with food in order to be successful.

There is another way.





We’re all accustomed to reading our own food labels but how many of you have read your dog’s food labels? Can you decipher what’s in them? Let’s look at a couple.

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Dog Grooming Tips & Tools

Brushing, bathing, cleaning ears, trimming nails – so many grooming tools and products for so many different types of dogs! Here are some helpful tips and tools to make your dog grooming day easier for you and your dog. .

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