Private Dog Training LessonsOur most popular training program is our 4 session private in home dog training program. This well rounded program is designed to help you to teach your canine companion all of the formal obedience commands (heel, sit, stay, down, come) as well as address any behavioral concerns such as: housebreaking, biting, mouthing, nipping, chewing, digging, barking, jumping or any other specific training issues your household requires. We will be working with your entire family at your home or a nearby park and at a pace that suits you and your dog. Schedule as we go and take as much time as you need to practice between sessions!

In addition to all of your private lessons, this program grants an invite to the Group Obedience Workshops to support what you learn in the one on one program. Your training will focus on mastering the obedience commands in the home environment and then proofing them with the added distractions of the group environment.

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