Private Puppy LessonsStart your new puppy out with a personalized program that helps you to incorporate your new puppy into your family’s lifestyle. This 90 minute in home puppy session is especially helpful for first time dog owners and families with young children.

Understanding how a puppy grows, develops and learns is the first step in creating a healthy bond and trusting relationship that can be used to lay the ground work for teaching proper obedience commands.

Let us help you to teach your puppy about where to eliminate; what to chew on; how to interact with children; and basic manners as well as preventing other common behavioral problems that can be frustrating for both you and your new puppy.

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Private Dog Training LessonsOur most popular training program is our 4 session private in home dog training program. This well rounded program is designed to help you to teach your canine companion all of the formal obedience commands (heel, sit, stay, down, come) as well as address any behavioral concerns such as: housebreaking, biting, mouthing, nipping, chewing, digging, barking, jumping or any other specific training issues your household requires. We will be working with your entire family at your home or a nearby park and at a pace that suits you and your dog. Schedule as we go and take as much time as you need to practice between sessions!

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Intermediate Obedience LessonsCall to schedule private sessions for these advanced skills

Helping you to reinforce basic obedience commands with added distraction and drills. Focus is on fine tuning your handling skills, increasing the dog’s responsiveness, adding more advanced obedience skills and (of course) having fun!

Added obedience commands:

  • Long Distance Down (with Distraction)
  • Down From a Distance
  • Down on a Recall
  • Finish
  • Get Around
  • Inside Left Turn
  • Stand
  • Front
  • Touch
  • Look

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Intermediate Obedience LessonsIntermediate Obedience Lessons

San Diego Dog Trainer1 hour sessions

Teach your dog new tricks and play games! Learn the concepts of how to utilize your dog’s natural abilities and tendencies to shape them into desired behaviors and tricks. Every dog has physical limitations, so we introduce many tricks to cover all of the dog’s abilities and drives.


  • Roll Over
  • Bang/Show Me Your Tummy
  • Sit Pretty/Beg
  • Shake
  • High Five
  • Wave
  • Knuckles
  • Crawl
  • Spin
  • Back Up
  • Dance
  • Say Your Prayers

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1 hour sessions

Are you an expecting mother? This private session is designed to help prepare your family for the changes that will be taking place in your household including:

  • How to introduce your dog to the new baby.
  • How to incorporate your dog into the baby’s routines and your new schedule.
  • How to walk on a leash next to your stroller and incorporate obedience commands
  • How to address new behavioral concerns that may surface when the new baby arrives.
  • How to recognize situations and behaviors that may result in a conflict and learn how to prevent, address and correct them early.

San Diego Dog Training

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