San Diego Dog TrainerAs pack animals, dogs need to have a good leader in their life, one they trust completely and want to follow. That leader needs to be able to teach them what is right and wrong without bullying them or scaring them into compliance. In essence, a good leader needs to find a way to communicate their human needs to their canine companion. Communication between canines and humans can be confusing and might lead one to believe that they need to dominate their dog, try to become the “alpha” dog, or bribe their dog with food in order to be successful.

There is another way.

While fostering a healthy relationship, let Total K9 Training show you how to become a good leader for your dog to follow. We can help you to teach your dog what your rules are without jeopardizing your relationship. A relationship that is built on trust, understanding and communication and not intimidation, alpha dominance or food reliance will last a lifetime.

At Total K9 Training, our approach and techniques benefit the whole family because we focus on the owner’s needs as well as the dogs’. Our program involves people training as much as it does dog training. Our techniques will show you how to work with your dog so that he/she responds best to you and your whole family. We believe that “training both ends of the leash” is the key to a successful dog training program.

We will help you to address and correct any behavioral concerns you have and not just “ignore the bad behavior” and “reward or feed the good behavior”. We pride ourselves on being able to accomplish this without getting aggressive or angry with the dogs. By using canine natural history, clear consistent communication and varying training methods to fit each individual’s needs, Total K9 Training makes learning fun for both the dogs and the humans!

You will soon have a well balanced, good natured adult dog who thinks the world of you and who will be healthier knowing what his boundaries are and what is expected of him all of the time.