San Diego Dog TrainingOctober in San Diego County has become a season of its own even though we do not have all of the color changes that residents of northern California or folks back East may have. We know it as the season for Santa Ana winds and the Fire Season. That brings to mind what we are all thinking now as fire season is upon us; do I have everything ready and know where everything is if we have to evacuate quickly due to fires? However, have you all been thinking; do I have everything my dog (or pet) needs or will need if we have to evacuate quickly?

Here is a short list that we maintain for our dogs ALL the time in one general location so it is easy to grab – feel free to add to it and email me if you have more ideas that I can include for my clients in the future:

  • Extra leashes and collars WITH extra ID TAGS! (we also have blinking lights to attach to the collars).
  • A lost dog flier (that you have made up previously with current photo and contact info) in case you get separated from your dog.
  • A current copy of immunization records.
  • Dry food keep in an air tight container or ziplock bags. Make sure you always have at least a week’s worth of food avail per dog. Try not to let the bag go empty before buying more each time).
  • Wet food – look at how many cans per day you need per dog and do the math for a week.
  • Raw diets – look into keeping the dehydrated version of the patties handy and do the math for how many patties per dog per week.
  • Vitamins / Medications – make sure you have more than enough at all times – again try not to wait until you only have a day left to refill prescriptions.
  • WATER (food/water bowls too)- We keep a 6 gal jug full and we replace with fresh water every couple of weeks. Our dogs need about 2 gal each per day on hot days.
  • Treats and a favorite toy or blanket or bed.
  • Crates – we use collapsible ones that are easier to pack and travel with.
  • Poop bags. Please!
  • Extra bandanas – to help keep their faces wiped clean if the air quality is bad and help keep their eyes and noses wet.
  • First aid kit for your dog too – see my website for ideas on what to include.
  • Know the signs for dehydration and heat illness for your dog – see my website for details.
  • Have a backup plan for where your dogs can go if you can’t bring them with you (some hotels may not allow for your dog).
  • Know where your dog’s hiding places are as well – you never know how the family’s running around gathering items may affect them.
  • Make an overall check list – for your family, your house and your dog and keep it handy.
  • Be safe and hug your dogs today!.